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California Gets Face Scanners to Spy on Everyone at Once

Radioactive particles from japan detected in california kelp

Ventura County on raw milk rampage after destroying rawesome other raw milk operations now targeted

California County joins Siskiyou in state of Jefferson bid for secession

California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk

California Cops Impose Police State Following Shooting

500,000 Californians Lose Health Policies

California May Issue Digital License Plates, Privacy Groups Concerned

What’s Going on in California? Third Rare Creature Washes Ashore

California Gardasil Law Signed: Children to Get Deadly Shot Without Parental Consent

California allows up to 1000 times more glyphosate in drinking water than needed

Vaccine Law May Prevent California Students from Attending School

Atheist group sues California city for opening meetings with explicitly Christian invocations

Jellyfish-Like Creatures Close Nuke Plant in CA

Radioactive tissue holders found at Bed, Bath & Beyond reveal hypocrisy of failed national security

Over 1,300 Tubes Damaged at Calif. Nuclear Plant   ABC News

California declares war on family homes to save the planet

Video: California beachgoers sign petition to repeal the Bill of Rights ‘to support Obama’ in terrifying new video


State auditor: California’s net worth at negative $127.2 billion

California issues first cellphone Amber Alert, opt-out available

California Governor Signs Law Mandating ‘Gay Infertility’ Insurance Coverage

California Gov. Signs Bills Requiring Schools to Teach on Homosexuals

California food police gone wild la county health enforcers conduct door to door raw milk confiscation operations

VIDEO: California Chemtrail Convergence part 4

California students rank 47th in science

Massive U. S. troop movements in California raise Russian concerns

WSJ: Joel Kotkin: The Great California Exodus

What do California and Detroit have in common

California Immunization Exemption Legislation

Lorraine Cuevas California mom bars 180 days elementary school childrens chronic truancy

California becomes first state in nation to ban gay cure therapy for children

Residents leave California in droves over last two decades study finds

California road warrior is here

California woman shot in her own backyard by a cop

California poised to grant drivers

California Board Blocks Chick fil A Opening

At a California church, a sort of holy war

California reaches deep into special

California city proposes one cent tax

Feds cracking down on California medical marijuana dispensaries

Cities in California Consider Seizing Mortgages

California bill would allow a child to have more than two parents

California cops use flashlights tasers and chokehold to kill schizophrenic man

GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto Office

Six figure pensions soar for California

California Parking Enforcement Officer Snatches Camera From Man Recording Him Issuing Tickets

California Voters Approve Higher Taxes

GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto Office

California ties for highest unemployment rate in US

California man sues BMW for persistent erection

Radioactive particles from japan detected in california kelp

California declares war on family homes to save the planet

California college drops plan for 2 level course pricing

What’s Stopping California’s Moms From Breastfeeding in the Hospital?

California drivers are twice likely be high drunk

California state targets super seniors hefty fees

California Gardasil Law Signed: Children to Get Deadly Shot Without Parental Consent

Vaccine Law May Prevent California Students From Attending School 

Memorial crosses at California Marine Corps base ignite debate

Bill ban lead ammunition in California

California seizes guns as owners lose right to bear arms

California Rings In New Year With 800 New Laws

California girl, 13, accused of stabbing peer for stealing her bag of chips

Fireballs reported in skies above Cuba and California

One student critically wounded in California school shooting

California Passes Law Allowing Residents To Sell Home-Cooked Products Without Commercial License

California seller of suicide kits sentenced for tax offense

Brown widow spiders “taking over” in Southern California

Californians live in the least free state in the nation — except for NY

California Prison System Guilty of Eugenics

Gun Confiscation Begins in California

LA Times – California lawmakers OK a dozen gun-control measures

LA Times – 30,000 California prisoners refuse meals in apparent hunger strike

Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval

Radioactive particles from Japan detected in California kelp

California gets face scanners to spy on everyone at once

Video: Californians Sign Petition to Ban and Confiscate Firearms

Video: Californians Sign Petition to Protect Holocaust Beach Party

$22,000 a year preschool opens in California

Sandstorm in China ends up in California

California ranks in bottom half of states in graduation rate

California government ‘failing’ on transparency

California Voters Approve Higher Taxes

California Declares War On Family Homes to ‘Save the Planet’

Californians could face ‘double taxation’ with state, federal carbon taxes

California Passes Sweeping Gun Control: $50 Ammo Permit Fee, No Detachable Magazines or Mags over 10 rounds 

Southern California City Says Home Bible Group Must Get Permit