January 3                                                  Day 3


How Then Shall We Live?

Devotions on Living a Deeper Christian Life

“It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing…” – Proverbs 25:2


Moses at the Well – When God Doesn’t Make Sense


Photo Credit: nbcnews.com – Moses Receiving the 10 Commandments


A legend says that Moses once sat near a well in meditation. A wayfarer stopped to drink from the well, and when he did so, his purse fell from his girdle onto the sand. The man departed without realizing that he left it behind.

Shortly afterwards, another man passed by the well, saw the purse and picked it up and left. Later, a third man stopped to assuage his thirst and went to sleep in the shadow of the well. Meanwhile, the first man had discovered that his purse was missing. Assuming that he lost it at the well, he returned, awoke the sleeper (who of course knew nothing), and demanded his money back. An argument followed, and irate, the first man slew the latter.

Where upon Moses said to God, “You see, therefore why men don’t believe in you. There is too much evil and injustice in the world. Why should the first man have lost his purse and become a murderer? Why should the second have gotten a full purse without working for it? The third was completely innocent; why was he slain?

God answered, “For once and only once I will give you an explanation, although I can not do it with every step of your life. The first man was a thief’s son. The purse contained money stolen from the father of the second, who, finding the purse, only found what was due him. The third was a murderer whose crime had never been revealed and who received from the first the punishment that he deserved.

In the future believe that there is sense and righteousness in what transpires when you do not understand.” – 100 Prison Meditations, by Richard Wurmbrand (Ronanian Christian Pastor 1909-2001)

There will be times in your life when God doesn’t seem to make sense. It is in these times that you must yield to the path that God has put you on. It is here where our faith is made stronger. Things we see with our eyes are not always what is really happening from an eternal perspective.

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Words to Think About…


For What Purpose Lord?

The word “why” does not exist in the Hebrew language. It can only be translated “For what purpose?” Learn to take your “Why Lord?” questions and replace them with, “For what purpose Lord?” – I think when we ask in this manner we will understand more of what God has for us.

“The heart of the Gospel is that we must die with Christ in order to live with Him. And that means signing over to God our desires, our dreams, our hurts. All that we are, or will be. ~ Keith Green Christian Singer, Evangelist 1953-1982