June 15                                                  Day 168


How Then Shall We Live?

Devotions on Living a Deeper Christian Life

“I will never leave you or forsake you.” – Heb. 13:5


Sole Survivor – Shipwrecked Survivor Cries Out to God


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There is an old story about an unfortunate man who was the sole survivor of a terrible shipwreck, and was washed ashore on a tiny uninhabited island. Marooned and alone, the man cried out to God to rescue him from his terrible fate.

Unfamiliar with survival tactics, the man struggled to endure. Eventually, he was able to construct a crude hut that provided him with shelter from the elements.  He managed to make a few basic tools and eating utensils, and stored his few possessions that he was able to salvage in the storm.

Every day the man faithfully scanned the horizon for the answer to his prayer, that a ship that would come and take him away, or a plane flying overhead that would swoop down and rescue him. He was ready to flag them down, to make sure he was not passed by. Day after day he waited…nothing appeared. As days turned into months, he grew tired and hopeless.

Then one day while he was out scavenging for food on the other side of the island, the man spotted smoke billowing high in the air, coming from the direction of his small camp. Alarmed, he dropped his catch and ran desperately back to his little hut, only to find that it had burned to the ground. There was nothing left. What little the man had collected was now all gone.

In despair, the man fell to the ground and cried out to the Lord, “How could you have allowed this? All that I possess, you have allowed to be taken away from me. I trusted you to help me…I trusted you.” Broken and despaired the sobbed himself to sleep.

The next morning he was awakened suddenly to the sound of a ship’s horn, signaling their arrival on the island. The sailors bounded onto the shore, announcing their intent to rescue him. The marooned man aghast asked, “How did you find me?”

The sailors answered in return, “Why, we spotted your smoke signal, coming over the horizon.”

Ever been shipwrecked?  Ever fall down on the ground in despair? Ever under estimate the power of the living God? I have.

God has promised us that he will never leave us, never forsake us (Heb 13:5). Yet, we doubt. We doubt because we are humans. We doubt because we can’t always “see” God working on our behalf. We doubt because we have little faith. This is why God had to come to Earth; so we could see the manifestation of an Eternal God in the form of human flesh (Jesus). He lived like us and experienced our sufferings, fears, and pains.

We all experience times when we feel like God has abandoned us on a deserted island. Sometimes it is because of circumstances beyond our control; sometimes it is because we put ourselves there and get smacked for it. Regardless of the cause of the ship wreck in your life today, God has planned to turn our sufferings into His message of hope, that others might witness His saving love in our lives. God answers prayers. Delay is not denial. Sometimes we have to spend time peering into the horizon for His ship to come and save us, or we watch what we feel is our only stability burn down to the ground. But, God has promised that He will come and rescue us, and His promises are good. Take heart today Christian, be strong and courageous…wait and watch yet one more day, for He is coming in His perfect time.

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Words to Think About…


“Prayer is such an important power. In the concentration camp, 700 of us lived in a room built for 200 people. We were all dirty, nervous and tense. One day a horrible fight broke out amongst the prisoners. Betsie (her sister who died in a Nazi prison camp) began to pray aloud. It was as if a storm lay down, until at last all was quiet. Then Betsie said, ‘Thank you, Father.’ A tired old woman was used by the Lord to save the situation for seven hundred fellow prisoners through her prayers.” – Corrie ten Boom



  “I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light.” – Mary Gardiner Brainard (1837-1905) American writer of religious poetry