May 01                                         Day 123

How Then Shall We Live?

Devotions on Living a Deeper Christian Life

“Be not conformed to this world.” – Romans 12:2

When You’ve Been a Guron 

Photo Credit: Jesus and the rich young man – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


One day, Guron’s master came to him with the news that he would be gone for awhile. Guron, perplexed at the news, asked his master what he should do while he is gone. His master told him, “Wait and pray for my return by the side of this mountain.

Guron being a good disciple said, “Master, I will wait for your return.

Guron went up the mountain with only one possession, a blanket. He set his direction towards the city. As time passed, Guron continued to do as his master had asked. One night, Guron was awakened by a rat chewing on his blanket. This continued night after night, and the stench from his blanket became unbearable.

Guron decided to head down into the city to find another blanket. As he approached, the city elders met him shouting, “Its Guron the holy man, get him anything he wants!

Guron replied, “My needs are simple. I only require a new blanket.

The elders immediately said, “Get Guron the most beautiful blanket that we have.

Guron went back up the mountain satisfied with his new blanket, but unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. The rat returned to chew on his new blanket. The next morning, Guron quickly went back down into the city. As he approached the city he was once again met by the city Elders, with the words, “Its Guron the holy man, get him anything he wants!

Guron told them that his needs are simple. He needed another blanket because the rat kept chewing on it in the night. The Elders said, “Get Guron a new blanket, and the best rat catching cat we have.

This solved the problem with the blanket, but the cat was continually hungry, and needed to be fed. He was constantly meowing for food. The next morning, Guron made his way back down into the city. When the city Elders saw him approaching, they again came to him with the words, “Its Guron the holy man, get him anything he wants!

Guron said, “My needs are simple. I am so thankful for the new blanket, but the cat you gave me requires milk and I have none. The Elders said, “Get Guron the best milk cow that we have!

The elders watched as Guron walked back up the mountain with another blanket, holding a cat, and pulling up a cow behind him with a rope. This seemed to work for a while, but the cow began to wander, and Guron spent his time attending to the cow and the cat. Again, Guron headed down into the city the next morning, and again, he was met by the city Elders with the words, “Its Guron the holy man, get him anything he wants!

Guron said, “Thank you for the blanket, the cat and the cow, but the cow continues to wander and I cannot care for it.

The city Elders, seeing where this was going, said among themselves, “We must build Guron a fence.” Another suggested that Guron would need a barn. And another suggested that Guron would need a place to stay to take care of the barn; the ideas went on and on. As time passed, Guron became a great trader of goods and he became quite successful, fat, and wealthy.

One day, Guron was out walking around his estate admiring all that he had built, when off in the distance, he saw a man approaching. Guron quickly made his way towards the man, and walking up to the man, looked him in the eye and confidently offered, “What can I sell you? What would you like to buy?

Then his Master sad at what he was seeing, said to Guron, “Have I been gone so long that you don’t recognize me?

Have you been a Guron?

I remember telling this story to a 10-year-old boy one day, while he was at work with his mother. I saw a tear in his eye when he said to me, “I’ve been a Guron too.” Jesus’ instruction for us upon leaving was for us to watch diligently and wait expectantly for His return, (Mark 13:33). If he came today, how many of us are ready, waiting for His return? My prayer is that none of you would be caught chasing cows, collecting more blankets, or caught up in the process of building empires that we do not even recognize the times we are living in are quickly approaching the return of Jesus at an hour that no man knows.


Words to Think About…


Spurgeon says, “God’s mercy is so great, that it forgives great sins to great sinners, after great lengths of time, and then gives great favors and great privileges, and raises us up to great enjoyments in the great heaven of the great God.

John Bunyan also tells us, “It must be a great mercy, or no mercy: for little mercy will never serve my turn.


Courage is simply not just one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.” – C. S. Lewis