May 09                                                Day 131


How Then Shall We Live?

Devotions on Living a Deeper Christian Life

“A time to keep silence, and a time to speak.” – Eccl. 3:7


A Living Sermon – St. Francis of Assisi and the Young Monk at the Portiucula


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One day St. Francis of Assisi said to one of the young monks at the Portiuncula, “Let us go down to the town and preach!”

The novice, delighted at being singled out to be the companion of Francis, obeyed with great enthusiasm. They passed through the main streets, turned down many of the byways and alleys, made their way into the suburbs, and at great length, returned by a circuitous route to the monastery gate. As they approached the gate, the younger man reminded Francis of his original intention.

“You have forgotten, Father, that we went to the town TO PREACH!”

“My son, ” Francis replied, “We HAVE preached. We were preaching while we were walking. We have been seen by many; our behavior has been closely watched; it was thus that we have preached our morning sermon. It is of no use, my son, to walk anywhere to preach unless we preach everywhere as we walk.”

How many people do you think you preached a sermon to this week without ever saying a word? St. Francis was known to have instructed his pupils to “Preach the gospel always and if necessary, use words.” The call of a Christian is to be a light in this world. Jesus told us we are not of this world, yet how many times do our lives just blend in with that of our contemporaries? If we are not causing some kind of stir in life because of our walk with the Lord, we our probably not walking the road that we talking.

Often times, when I think back to the people in my life who have had the most impact, it was those who acted in the way of love. It was my grandfather who took me fishing when I needed a loving father; it was a teacher who spent extra time with me after school just to talk to me; it was a woman in my church group who was just a phone call away during a time of great crisis in my life. Yes, I knew each one of them was a Christian, but they never spoke a word of the gospel aloud to me, they were just kindness realized in the flesh. Somewhere in their efforts, I came to know the goodness of God, and later, when others spoke to me of the Lord, I recognized Him in the memories of what I had already known. It was real to me. The desire to walk as He walked, became mine.

Christian, this week, let us walk in the examples of love we have been given, and remember that we may be preaching a sermon to others without even knowing it.

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Words to Think About…


In Biblical time a Hebrew woman would take a white cloth and dip it into a dye to make a crimson or deep red garment. After leaving the garment to dry in the sun, she would again dip the already stained garment into the crimson dye to make the very fiber of the garment stained permanently. In Isaiah 1:16 it is recorded, “Thou your sin be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” The literal translation of this verse can be read; though your sin be as scarlet, (double dyed, permanently stained), I will wash you white as snow.

What a beautiful illustration of the cleansing power of Jesus Christ in the life of a sinner. Is there a sin that stains you? Take it under the cleansing blood of Christ this very moment and feel the the stain of your sin (though double dyed) will be washed as clean as fresh white snow.


The word “Husband” literally means “The band of the house,” the support of it, the person who keeps it together, as a band keeps together a sheaf of corn.

“He that refraineth his lips is wise.” – Proverbs 10:19