November 11                                         Day 316

How Then Shall We Live?

Devotions on Living a Deeper Christian Life

It is not you that sent me hither, but God.” – (Joseph to his brothers) Gen 45:8

Sentenced To Death, Russian Writer Dostoevsky Given a Last Minute Chance to Live

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The renowned Russian writer Dostoyevsky was sentenced to death as a young man. At the last minute, just before he was to be hanged, he was told that his sentence had been commuted to ten years in prison. Later he wrote that when he looked down on the crowd around the gallows, he saw in their eyes something he had never seen before… he saw them all as oppressed sufferers, groping in the darkness, needing forgiveness. Everything in life seemed to him insignificant except love.

Released from prison, Dostoyevsky wrote great books in which he describes life as seen through the prism of that moment. He has words of understanding, love for the worst, even for the drunkards, prostitutes and a murderers. In one book he describes a fancied encounter between Jesus and an inquisitor guilty of the blood of thousands of innocents, in which the prelate speaks to Christ with scorn. Jesus, understanding the forces that cause a man to be wicked, kisses him. He looked with pity on a man who had beautiful hands capable of caressing, but used instead for torturing, who had beautiful eyes, but used them instead to express anger, who had a beautiful voice but used it for threats and insults. Jesus loved the inquisitor. And Jesus loves you and me.

In this verse (Genesis 45:8), Joseph see’s the bigger picture on why he was sold into slavery, put in prison, and separated from his family. In tough and difficult times, we must always consider to add God’s perspective to what is happening to us.

If you are in a situation that seems hopeless today, look at your situation again through Dostoyevsky’s lens. Think things through an Eternal lens. You may get a glimpse of your situation from God’s perspective that will carry you to a new height.

Words to Think About…


The world wishes to involve you in its race towards destruction… be dead to it.” – Richard Wurmbrand – spent 14 years in communist prisons

8 Bible Paradoxes To Think About

  1. To conquer we must surrender. (Matt 3:39, 1 Cor 15:37)
    2. To live, we must die. (John 12:23,25)
    3. To save our life, we must lose it. (Matt 10:39, Luke 17:33)
    4. To get, we must give. (Proverbs 11:23, 25)
    5. To reign, we must serve. (Luke 12:42-44)
    6. To be wise, we must become fools. (1 Cor 3:18)
  2. To be exalted, we must become humble. (Matt 18:4, Matt 23:12)
    8. To be first, we must be last. (Mark 20:26)

Every day we step on chords that vibrate throughout eternity.” – Charles Finney