April 20 

How Then Shall We Live?

Devotions on Living the Deeper Christian Life

“All that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” – 1 Tim 3:12

Two Shiny New Quarters 

A Father Gives His Son 2 Shiny Quarters

In Sabina Wurmbrand’s book, The Pastor’s Wife, Sabina, a Romanian Christian, gave her life to the ministry of the persecuted church. After she spent ten years of her life in Communist prisons for her faith in Christ, she and her husband, Richard Wurmbrand, (Who spent 14 years in Soviet prisons) founded the organization, Voice of the Martyr, a Christian outreach to the suffering church. During World War II, she also was known to have hid the Jews from the Nazis. Later, she hid the Nazis from the Communists. Her ministry reached the expanse of many countries.

Sabina’s husband, Richard told a church group once that a woman came up to him after hearing him preach one Sunday morning and told him, “All the questions that I ever had about being a Christian woman were answered in Sabina’s book.”

Sabina liked to tell the story of a father who gave his young son two shiny new quarters. He instructed his son to put one of the quarters into the offering plate at the church as a gift to God and the other he could spend as he please.

The young son, filled with joy, played with the two quarters until one finally slipped from his hands and fell into a drainage pipe, no longer to be found. Tears filled the boy’s eyes as he ran to his father and said, “Daddy, Daddy, I’ve lost the quarter you gave me for God.”

Sabina’s simple story was a constant reminder of how quickly we assign our lost time to God and hold fast to ourselves what is left. How often do we give the first fruit of our time, energy, and resources to our needs and desires and leave what is left, if anything, to God? Sabrina is an example of a woman who put God and the needs of His people first. During times of difficulty she would often ask a person, “Whose coin have you lost?”

In her book, Sabina tells the story of “God’s Beauty Parlor”, where the prison experience and scars of many Christian women suffering for their faith started seeing their time is prison as God’s Beauty Parlor in the Eternal sense of things. Sabrina left this world with virtually no earthly possessions. She didn’t own or desire any savings, house or car, but she made many rich with the gift of her life.

<>————<>  W O R D S  OF  W I S D O M <>—————<>

“Live near to God, and so all things will appear to you little in comparison with eternal realities.” – Robert M McCheyne, (Scottish Minister who died at age 30)

“The hand of God never deals but in concert with His heart of infinite love towards us.” – John Darby (prolific Christian writer of the 1800’s)

“Whatever troubles come to you, of mind, body, or estate, from within or from without, from chance or from intent, from friends or foes – whatever your trouble be, though you be lonely, O children of a heavenly Father, be not afraid!” – J. H. Newman, 1801 – 1890) Anglican priest, Theologian and Poet