“When ye see shall see these things, know that it is near.”

Matthew 24:33 – King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

“What the Bible Says About a New World in the Last Days.”

“No one knows the day or the hour.” – Matthew 24:36


1844: William Miller, Adventist founder: “between Mar 21, 1843 and Mar 21, 1844.
1914: Charles Russell, Jehovah’s Witnesses. Predicted return of Jesus Christ.
1891: Joseph Smith, Mormonism, claimed that Jesus would return by 1891.
1972: Herbert W. Armstrong’s predicted the end in January of 1972.
1982: Tara Centers – Full-page ad: April 24-25, 1982, “The Christ is Now Here!”
1991: John Hinkle of Christ Church: Warned of apocalyptic event on June 9, 1994.
1998: Taiwanese cult Texas: Predicted Christ would return on March 31 of 1998
1998: Marilyn Agee, in her book, The End of the Age, set return on May 31, 1998.
2012: Harold Camping, Family Radio “May 21, 2012 Judgment Day”

Moses at the Well – When God Doesn’t Make Sense


Handfuls of Purpose –“And let fall also [some] handfuls of purpose.” – Ruth 2:16

Devotions on Living the Deeper Christian Life

“It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing…” – Proverbs 25:2

A legend says that Moses once sat near a well in meditation. A wayfarer stopped to drink from the well, and when he did so, his purse fell from his girdle onto the sand. The man departed without realizing that he left it behind.

Shortly afterwards another man passed by the well, saw the purse and picked it up. Later, a third man stopped to assuage his thirst and went to sleep in the shadow of the well. Meanwhile, the first man had discovered that his purse was missing. Assuming that he lost it at the well, he returned, awoke the sleeper (who of course knew nothing), and demanded his money back. An argument followed, and irate, the first man slew the latter.

Where upon Moses said to God, “You see, therefore why men don’t believe in you. There is too much evil and injustice in the world. Why should the first man have lost his purse and become a murderer? Why should the second have gotten a full purse without working for it? The third was completely innocent; why was he slain?”

God answered, “For once and only once I will give you an explanation, although I cannot do it with every step of your life. The first man was a thief’s son. The purse contained money stolen from the father of the second, who, finding the purse, only found what was due him. The third was a murderer whose crime had never been revealed and who received from the first the punishment that he deserved.”

In the future believe that there is sense and righteousness in what transpires when you do not understand.” -100 Prison Meditations, by Richard Wurmbrand