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How Then Shall We Live?

Devotions on Living a Deeper Christian Life

July 01-15 Devotionals

How Then Shall We Live? (Ezekiel 33:10, KJV)

The Meaning of the Number: 7

May 01 – When You’ve Been a Guron

May 02 – The Greek Word, “Katartizo” a “curing or mending” Word

May 03 – Seeing the Invisible God – Queen Victoria and the Blind Sculptor

May 04 – Stamp Eternity on My Eyeballs – Jonathan Edwards

May 05 – The Settled Word

May 06 – Therefore, Let Us Not Sleep

May 07 – Elbert Hubbard and the Sinking of the Lusitania in 1915

May 08 – Struggling? Learn from a Curious Boy, an Old Wise Man and a Cocoon

May 09 – A Living Sermon – St. Francis of Assisi and the Young Monk at the Portiucula

May 10 – A Mother’s Heart – Mary Kept all These Things in Her Heart

May 11 – Secret and Dissembled Flavors of His Affection

May 12 – God Breathed – Sarai to Sarah – Abram to Abraham – Letter “H” in Hebrew

May 13 – In the Midst of an Earthly Trial?

May 14 – I Have Chosen Thee in the Furnace of Affliction

May 15 – A Generation of Christian Mothers Change the Face of a Society in 12 Months

May 16 – Be Angry and Sin Not

May 17 – The Two Who Live Within You – The Inner and Outward Man

May 18 – Troubles, Which Are Without Remedy

May 19 – No Man is Able to Pluck Them Out of My Father’s Hand.

May 20 – The Chief Pang of Most Trials

GEMINI (The Twins). The twofold nature of the King. May 21–June 21

1. LEPUS (The Hare), or THE ENEMY trodden under foot.

2. CANIS MAJOR (The Dog), or SIRIUS, the coming glorious Prince of Princes.

3. CANIS MINOR (The Second Dog), or PROCYON, the exalted Redeemer.

May 21 – He is No Idle Husbandman

May 22 – He Will Make Them Still Waters For You

May 23 – Prize Inward Exercises, Grief’s and Troubles

May 24 – Things That Internally and Externally Vex Thee

May 25 – Every Purpose Under the Sun

May 26 – A Man’s Lack of Discipline in His Life is His Own Punishment

May 27 – Mercy From the Lord – A Mother Visits Napoleon

May 28 – He Permits for the Purification and Beautification of Thy Soul

May 29 – Twenty Nine Knives – Cyrus the King Brought Forth 29 Knives

May 30 – Reserved in the Treasures of His Deep Counsels

May 31 – Denying the Wisdom of God


The Meaning of the Number: 7

The Meaning of the Number: 7

The number 7 is the most familiar in the Bible and it appears about 600 times. 

Seven constitutes a complete cycle. 7 days of the week.

7 colors in the spectrum - the seven colored rainbow was the sign of the covenant with Noah.

God rested on the seventh day (Saturday) after Creation. (Genesis 2:2).

To swear an oath in Hebrew is "to seven oneself."

There are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11:1)

There are 7 churches, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 personages, 7 vials, 7 woes, and 7 new things. 

The number 7 denotes spiritual perfection. It means divine fulness, completeness and totality. It comes from a Hebrew word meaning “to be full,” “to be satisfied,” and “to have enough.

Words to Think About…

"And seven priests shall bear seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark. But the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets." 

(Joshua 6:4)


July 01

Ever Forgotten Where You Were? When You Lose Your Way

There is but a step between me and death.” – 1 Sam 20:3

Sometimes in our busy and hurried world we can lose our way. I am  reminded of a story about two painters that were employed to fresco the walls of a magnificent cathedral more than a century ago. Both stood on rude scaffolding constructed for the purpose, some distance from the floor.

One of the men was so intent upon his work, forgetting where he was, stepped back slowly, surveying critically the work of his brush, until  he had neared the edge of the plank on which he stood. At that moment, his companion perceiving his friend’s danger, seized a wet brush and  flung it against the wall, splattering the picture with unsightly blotches of color.

The painter flew forward, and lunged upon his friend with fierce anger, until he suddenly became aware of the danger he had just escaped. Then, with tears of gratitude, he blessed the hand that had saved him.

How often do we get so absorbed with the pictures of our world that we become unconscious of our own peril? We can get so caught up in our humanity and the pleasantries it has to offer, that we have no idea just how far we have veered from the path that God has planned for us. Often times without knowing it, we may be so very close to our own demise. It is then that God in His mercy often chooses to dash out “beautiful things”, and draw us; at the very time we are complaining of His dealings, into His outstretched arms of love.

God, in His infinite wisdom, knows what is best for us. He can see us at the edge of the plank, where we are blinded by the object that has captured our attention. God may use a friend to splatter our best-laid  plans, but only for our own good. If we wouldn’t let our best friend fall to their death, why would we expect anything less from our Savior?

The Bible says that God’s mercies are new every day (Lam 3:22). God is merciful. His hands are there to catch us, to break our fall, and He will remove a stumbling block in our lives, even if it makes us angry for a moment. Because when all the dust has cleared, and the story has  unfolded, it is often the prayers that God seemingly “ignored” that have often saved us from certain Spiritual death. Let us all pray that we might trust Him today in His infinite knowledge, and lean not on our own finite understanding. Maybe then, we could walk away from the edge that threatens to draw us away from the masterpiece that our Father is creating in each of us.

Words to Think About…


Goethe (German Writer, Statesman) once said, after hearing a young  minister said, “When I go to hear a preacher preach, I may not agree with what he says, but I want him to believe it.” Even a vacillating  unbeliever has no respect for the man who lacks the courage to preach what he believes.


An ancient city was besieged, and at length, obliged to the people in the city to surrender. In the city were two brothers, who had obliged the conquering general, and received permission to leave the city before it was set on fire, taking with them as much of their property as each  could carry. The two youths appeared at the gates of the city, one of them carrying their father, and the other carrying their mother.

July 02

Wherein Have You Robbed God?

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July 02 Devotional

July 03

The Book of Wars

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July 03 Devotional

July 4

Aphelion Day – Day Earth is Farthest From Son

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July 04 Devotional

July 05

The Spaces in the Bible

Words to Think About on Prayer...

July 5 Devotional

July 06

The Prodigal Son

Words to Think About on Prayer...

July 06 Devotional

July 07

Those Who Destroy the Earth

Words to Think About…

July 07 Devotional

July 08

Dayus Exmakeda – God Coming Into History

Words to Think About…

July 8 Devotional

July 09

The 7 Attributes of God

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July 09 Devotional

July 10

The Names of God

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July 10 Devotional

July 11

A Wayward Spouse – Hosea

Words to Think About…

July 11 Devotional

July 12

Meditating in the Word of God

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July 12 Devotional

July 13

Amazing Grace – John Newton

Words to Think About…


It was the trademark of John Newton (1725 – 1807), when his memory  had almost completely gone, that he would never forget two things:

  1. That he was a great sinner.
  2. That Jesus Christ was his great and mighty Savior.

Newton’s tombstone reads, “John Newton, Clerk, once an infidel  and libertine, a servant of slaves in Africa, was, by the rich mercy of  our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, preserved, restored, pardoned, and appointed to preach the faith he had long labored to destroy.” 

But a far greater testimony outlives Newton in the most famous of the hundreds of hymns he wrote:

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see.‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears relieved. How precious did that grace appear, The hour I first believed.Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come. ‘Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home.

July 14

Winds of the World

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July 14 Devotional

July 15

With Much Knowledge is Much Sorrow

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July 15 Devotional

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